Date: 27th December 2017 at 5:43pm
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We ran a poll on our twitter account asking people where they currently stand with early bird tickets, the results are staggering.

Two hundred and eighty nine people voted and a staggering 63% have indicated they will not be getting an early bird ticket, 22% have stated they are still undecided whether to get one later next month with only 15% stating they will definitely renew next month.

I understand these polls are hacked by people who aren’t Walsall fans but still the figures are frightening and gives an indication how fans are currently feeling.

Now I take it with a pinch of salt when people say stuff like ‘this is the worst I have ever known’ because some can be over dramatic however you’d be right in saying we are currently seeing a void which is far greater between the board and the fans that is has been for some time.

1) Jeff Bonser – you certainly can tell he’s back and making the main decisions as this era feels very much like the Hibbitt one where the club are just happy to plod along in mid table. There is no point having children ticket specials if the club itself isn’t showing ambition. With majority of town following Man Utd and Liverpool plus Wolves just around the corner finally kicking on, you can’t begrudge youth of today not to go and watch Walsall unless it’s the last option.

2) The staff and players no longer interact with fans via social media with many interaction turning into an argument or a slanging match. Then we have The Venue, Birmingham. The club are very adamant to keep the word Birmingham as it will have a wider audience, however everything coming out the club is once again focusing on sponsorship and events rather than contract discussions with players out of contract next summer.

3) Player exodus every few years – children want to have some connection with a favourite player and one they can idolise for years, however lately the average time spent at Walsall FC is around two seasons unless they aren’t good enough and then seem to stay around a lot longer. Club needs to fix this problem as there is no consistency from year to year. It seems the days of Jimmy Walker, Dean Keates, Ian Roper and co is a long distant memory.

4) Then we have the style of football. Yes the second half against Bristol Rovers was better than the first half however we seem to losing any style of play and are resulting to long ball which isn’t pretty for the paying punter.

The board are paid to make decisions and to make the club a better atmosphere for all, it’s obvious that no one is genuinely doing anything at present to make the Matchday experience exciting and value for money. We continue at this rate and we will struggle to get back to where we are.