Date: 2nd June 2021 at 5:08pm
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Yesterday, Matt Taylor was finally unveiled as Walsall’s new Head Coach at a press conference alongside Leigh Pomlett and Jamie Fullarton. The event that was streamed on the clubs Youtube channel, has been watched by fans, and many were thrilled with what was said.

Driven and determined teamwork

Throughout the press conference, one thing was apparent about the new man, he is determined to succeed. He has impressed with how he wants to drive the club forward. The other key thing along with this, was how the unity between Taylor, Fullarton, McDonald and the rest of the backroom will be key. Taylor admitted that he will be using the staff around him to learn, and to help him improve. This openness, and attitude will serve the club well.

Fullarton and Taylor described each other with the highest regard, with Taylor being labelled a ‘Dog with a bone’, and Fullarton being ‘relentless’. This is what the fans want, a team at the top that have nothing else in their sights other than success, and people who will not give up until they achieve that.

Pomlett factors in to this too. Throughout, he made comments about being extremely unhappy with how last season panned out. He also feels that this combination in a fresh approach to the club, and he is rightly excited. Pomlett is a true businessman, and a true businessman doesn’t like loss. The appointment of Taylor, with McDonald was the target that Fullarton wanted, and therefore, the target that Pomlett did too. It seems as though he has taken a little step back to allow Fullarton to work his magic, however he will still be the driving force of the club, but perhaps a more calculated one.

Building a team on and off the pitch

Taylor has impressed with the simple fact that he is willing to accept help, something that Dutton seemed to turn away. Taylor admits he is not a one man band, and that he will be using people all over the club to help. This is great to hear, and shows how well rounded he is as an individual.

In terms of on the pitch, Taylor wants a certain type of person to come to the club. He has stated that personality and the right character is key to what he wants to achieve at the club. Coaching the right attitude is tough, so Taylor will be looking building a team on and off the pitch.

Mat Sadler has also been mentioned in this plan. As previously stated, Taylor wants to use the talent around him, and Sadler is one of those. Being so open about helping him with his coaching career was great to see. Sadler is a fan favourite, and someone who would be an asset to any club. Keeping him beyond playing would be a great coup, and something the club are in prime position to do so.

The recruitment process is well and truly underway, with Fullarton admitting that discussions had been ongoing between himself and Taylor. A few fans wondered whether these sorts of chats would be going underway yet, with Taylor only unveiled yesterday. However the length of conversations have left no doubt that it is indeed underway.

The press conference also gave some clarity on how recruitment will work. With Fullarton being brought in as Technical Director, it left the question as to who will be the driving force of recruiting. The answer? It will be a joint process where targets are found as a team. It feels the best way for this to work, because Taylor will want certain players, and Fullarton will want to get the best deals for the club. It could prove an effective pairing, all round.


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