Date: 29th May 2021 at 12:39pm
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With the 20/21 season well and truly behind them, Walsall set their sights on what hopes to be a better, and more positive season. Walsall seem a bit slower off the mark to deal with some of the other bits of business to do with the club, including these few, key areas.

Season Tickets

Leigh Pomlett has said for a while that he will not be releasing season tickets until a plan is in place for a return of fans. Although fans are back in stadiums, this is still limited, and is probably one of the reasons that the announcement has not been made yet. The end of season uncertainty with the management of the team has played it’s part too. This is not why the new season tickets have been delayed, but a stable team and promising management would have helped push it along. It will most probably be after Matt Taylor has been officially unveiled by the club this week, rather than before.


It is strange that the third kit was announced weeks ago, and we are yet to see the new ones. However the third kit design has gotten fans more excited foe the kit launch, especially with how well received it was. All fans are eagerly anticipating the kits, especially as it all feels like a new start for the club, so fresh kits, with maybe a slightly different design, would bring with it some excitement.

The colour scheme for the away kit is something that will be interesting too. With the third kit being a white and green design, the away kit colour is a bit of an unknown. With dark blue, black and yellow all being used in recent seasons, the design of the away kit is something that will no doubt get fans talking.


Once again, it is no doubt that contact has been made about pre-season games with other teams, but with fellow League Two sides already getting games arranged, it does feel that Walsall are waiting for Taylor to get started before announcements are made.

The usual suspects will no doubt be set up for a game, with the potential of Villa, West Brom, and maybe Wolves, who have made up part of the friendly set-up in previous years. This season would be nice to see a mix of teams, with some League One and and above, with also some games against National League sides too.


Many clubs have been pressing on with recruiting new players, and tying down those that they want to retain. This is one big thing that will be expected when Taylor is officially unveiled during the week. Although transfers will take longer to secure, tying down those offered deals is a big thing that Walsall seem a little behind on.

There is no doubt that Jamie Fullarton and Matt Taylor have already been discussing a plan going forward, but it is something that the club need to push on with, and late additions would not be ideal with a lot of new players expected.

Bedding in a team, and getting them working together will be key for next season, so this adds to the desire to get players in. However, rushing signings also would be a bad thing, so there is a balancing act to make sure the right people are brought in.


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  • Walsall need to get it right he pomlett promised promotion of first time of asking under Clark but never happened yes pandemic played apart with out fans as well pomlett seems to be alot better than bonser is he still buying out or moveing away from the pension thing bonser owns he pomlett as spoken about it before what’s happening there

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