Date: 6th May 2021 at 3:34pm
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Our final game of the season is quickly approaching, and with nothing left to play for, fans will be concerned that players will be ‘on their holidays’. It has been a poor season all round, so this is a plea to all those involved at Walsall FC, end on a positive note.

Several players are out of contract, and although a final good or bad game is highly unlikely to affect whether a deal is to be offered or not, we all want the team to get a final win. It is likely that a lot of the team that start the final game will not be here next season, so as a fan, I want them to end their Walsall careers with some pride, and passion, not a whimper.

To balance this, there will be players who are here next season, and to them the same message applies, give us something to look forward to next season, play like a team, and show us all that we have a crop of players that we can get behind for the 21/22 season.

It has been hard viewing for fans this season, with a lack of goals, and lack of attacking football. Ending with another poor, lacklustre defeat will do nothing for the club going into the close season. Although it may not dramatically change the view of this season as a whole, and rightly so, it will at least bring a smile to the faces of the fans that have spent their time and money dedicated to the club, in the toughest of times.

Walsall can finish anywhere between 17th, and 21st. Although a large part of this will be regarding the teams around them winning or losing, there is still pride to play for. A win, and potentially a slightly higher finish would be better than potentially finishing just two places above the relegation zone.

It all feels a bit pointless saying ‘play for pride’, or ‘try and finish as high up the league as possible’, but as a fan, they are what I want to see from the players as an absolute basic. So please, from a fan, play for us, and end the season with some sort of pride.


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