Date: 2nd January 2010 at 11:53pm
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I was disappointed to tune into Sky Sports News and see yet another Walsall game fell to the extreme weather conditions, but I was not surprised.

I am also surprised at another aspect of today’s called off fixture – more stick from Norwich fans and media.

I thought we were playing Charlton today? Might just be me going mad! As Hutch stated, both teams wanted to play the game and most of the pitch had thawed, apart from the away goalmouth again. As we understand it, the Norwich management called to meet with the referee to display their worries over the pitch – it may also be worth pointing out that the Canaries players were carrying little niggly knocks after Boxing Day – and the game was called off after this meeting.

In response to the comment at the groundstaff are living in the 1950s displays ignorance to lower league football. Not all the clubs in League One had been in the Premiership and do not have undersoil heating, and neither do they have the fund to do so. Therefore, anything else that can be used to thaw a pitch will obviously be used.

Plus, anyone who was in the Walsall area during the last 24 hours will see that ice skating is not just a past-time, but an everyday occurance. Temperatures fell well below zero and having just been outside earlier today, I’ve never felt like such a Premiership striker – always on the floor!

As I said, I really didn’t expect today’s game to go ahead, and I was even shocked when they had a second pitch inspection! But as they say, that’s football!


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  • After the way your club blamed your pitch not being playable on Paul Lambert you were always going to get some stick if your next home game was called off for exactly the same problem in exactly the same area.

  • I do seem to recall seeing interviews from Norwich fans at the game who were blaming Lambert (could be wrong). This is clearly something out of nothing though.

  • So another game gets called off for exactly the same reason, and you’re surprised Norwich fans are crowing a bit? Just to remind you:

    1. Statements from your club suggested that the decision was made because of Lambert. “This left us in an all together impossible situation with the decision totally out of our hands” is a direct quote – surely the decision was always out of your hands, being, as it is, the referees decision.

    2. “It may also be worth pointing out that the Canaries players were carrying little niggly knocks after Boxing Day.” This quote is phrased ever so slightly provocatively – though clearly deniable, it seems likely you are insinuating that Norwich had a vested interest in not playing the game.

    3. Your own poll on this site currently has 28% of people thinking Paul Lambert was to blame for the call-off. One of the options, oddly, is not “The frozen pitch.” Postponements happen, that’s fine, no-one’s demanding you have undersoil heating. Just expect the pitch to freeze when it’s wet and freezing.

    4. After the game, Walsall decided there would be no refunds for fans, something only rectified after Norwich asked you to reconsider. So you were considering punishing Norwich fans financially for the referee deciding your pitch was not safe enough.

    I have nothing against your club, and have enjoyed previous trips there. But your club flung mud at Norwich. The subsequent postponement of the Charlton game suggests that you may have been wrong to do this. I thought people apologised when they wrongly criticised others. The above story doesn’t sound particularly apologetic.

  • There is differences between the two cases……but despite the arguement the guy who seems to have got off the hook is the ref, the one who was at the ground and was perfectly happy until 2.05 when Mr Lambert put his oar in. However Paul Lambert might have had a justifiable grievance, if so why didnt the ref notice this before hand. If he did and did nothing he was wrong, if he had and changed his mind on what Paul Lamberts views were he was weak.
    So in my view Walsall were not wrong trying to get the game on especially as the ref was there to see the pitch way before 2.05. Norwich were not at fault if there concern was the pitch (which I believe it was) however if they wanted if off because of injuries and we were a fresher team due to our previous game been called off that would have been out of order but there is no evidence to support this.

  • Exactly my sentiments Big No9. I do conceed that the Saddlers board, mainly Roy ‘oh what a’ Whalley should not have caused a stirr. But at the same time, I am saying we are getting a load of stick because we called the game off an hour before kick-off. This was NOT Walsall, but the referee, something I have already alluded to. This is my point and the reason I wrote this article, as some of the other articles circulating the internet are nothing short of a joke and completly miss the point.
    I merely state that Lambert saw the pitch and requested a meeting with the ref, which resulted in the game being called off.
    Plus, I am not here to apologise on behalf of the club and I do think things should have been handled better by Walsall. At the same time, to see headlines, such as ‘January 12th, the day Walsall get what they deserve’ I find it a little childish, especially as some articles made a mockery of our methods to get the game on. That is the reason this article was published and I apologise if it has caused any offence. I hope the game on January 12th is won by the best team on the day and wish Norwich all the best for the future.

  • no problem, like yourself i have found some of the coments on this strange, the comments by a few about Walsall’s pitch warming methods, show a lack of understanding of lower level football, if we had been in the top flight a few years ago we would have had undersoil heating, we have not been and might never reach such heights, so we must do the best within our means.
    If Norwich have an issue with such methods they shouldnt of allowed the playing side of there club to be poor enough to get relegated twice. There fan base and catchment area is greater than anything we can hope for, but at the moment we are equals.

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