Date: 12th May 2020 at 8:08pm
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Here is the next in the Q and A pieces. They will be here every Tuesday so get your questions at the ready!

First up a couple from @LeeReyn46555467

Would it be fair to bail out any club that is financially in trouble if so is that unfair to clubs that have been well run for years?

It is difficult to say really. Each club has its pitfalls, and none are perfect. Yes there are some that have totally overspent, and I think that those who are way above on the ‘income vs wages %’ should be penalised for doing so. Hopefully this will allow the powers at be start to implement change to help these figures drop.

In terms of a bailout? Hopefully we won’t get to a point where that is required, but if we do, due to the amount of time of not being able to play, then I think a lot of clubs will need it, so maybe low interest loans would be better than a bailout.  There are teams that have had bad owners that now are well run, and are changing. So it would be unfair to punish them because of a bad owner who is no longer at the helm. I do feel it is something that would have to be done case by case, and those that have continuously broken rules, overspent, and not played by the rules, shouldn’t be as high on a bailout list, than those who have.

If the budget is cut who makes your squad for next season who doesn’t?

Well, that is tough to answer due to us not really knowing who is under contract next season, and who we have options on, the latter being more important. Firstly, Leigh Pomlett is a true businessman, and he will analyse what we can and can’t spend going forward. The squad is looking fairly balanced at the moment. No surprises that I feel Liddle will go, I would like us to try and keep Rose, and would love to keep Holden too. The only others I can see being moved on for sure is Hardy and Candlin. Both have struggled to even make the bench, and I feel that they will probably be released, if their contracts are up. We do need to strengthen in some areas (that I will get on to in a bit). But with some good quality youngsters coming through it is positive. No doubt there will be others released, but not too many like we have seen in previous years. We have a good core of a squad that we need to hold on to.

Next up a question from @LeighJHarris.

Which areas of the team need strengthening in the ‘off-season’ and would you rely on loan signings this time around after failings this season (gaffney)?

In terms of positions, there are a lot of if’s and but’s here. Starting at the back and going forward. Clarke has said he may be interested at keeping Rose in goal, if we do keep him then I am happy with both, if Rose doesn’t stay then we do need a goalkeeper. I would be happy with a loan in goal, or a younger prospect that can start trying to push Robert’s, but that can be well coached by Maik Taylor. Defensively, I think we could strengthen, we will need someone to play on the left with Pring returning at the end of his loan spell. In terms of numbers, we only really need to bring players in to replace those who leave, so until we know who is leaving, then the only positions to strengthen would be that LB role.

In Midfield, we need width. At least one winger. If we keep Holden, then I feel we only need one other winger, because he has started to really play well in a wider role that he drifts in on. Otherwise, I think we need a defensive midfielder to break up play, and a more creative midfielder to help link up play with the attack. Up top, I want to keep the fight between Gordon, Lavery and Adebayo to continue, and as we have good prospects coming through the youth ranks, then that is a positions I am happy to keep as it is.

The final question comes from @mylesdrake

Those whose affinity may be somewhat less than stellar…

This has been a fun one to think about. Here we go. In goal we have Jonny Brain. He received some stick during his one season spell with us, and let’s face it, he didn’t exactly have the best of times here, so I feel he may not have such a glowing reference of the club. In defence, I am going for Luke Leahy, Russell Martin, Jon Guthrie, Daryl Westlake, 3 are obvious picks, but I feel Westlake received some stick from fans and probably doesn’t look back at us too well.

I am going for a midfield 4. On the left we have Claude Gnapka, who’s departure was very well documented that things hadn’t worked out, and he was unhappy about his playing time. In the middle of the park we have Milan Butterfield and James McQuilkin, both of which moved, were bigged up, then disposed of. On the right Febian Brandy, who, after two spells, left twice to go onto other pastures.

Up top we have a duo from last year in Andy Cook and Morgan Ferrier. I think both were more than happy to move on, and probably don’t look back at us with much happiness.

So there is this weeks Q and A, back next week!


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