Date: 27th August 2020 at 3:26pm
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All I can say is, what a selection of questions we have on this weeks Q and A. Thanks to all who asked a question, and apologies for not being able to answer all of them.

First up, @powis_dominic asks, Will it be season ticket holders only at first on the ground? If so will we release more season tickets for sale? Be gutted if I can’t go work a lot of Saturdays this no season ticket. 

We will be getting an update from the club next week on the return of fans to the stadium. It all depends on the latest restrictions. If they can fit more in then the club will, but of course season ticket holders will be the priority. I am unsure whether they will reintroduce season tickets to purchase, and I am sure this will be brought up next week. If there is space for extra fans on top of season ticket holders, then I would expect it to be a ‘first come first served’ system, or potentially to do with previous season booking history.

@Holly24L wants to know something we all have been talking about –Do you think Gordon will stay?
I really hope so, and I feel that he would be better off staying for one more season with us. He had a very good season last time out, and showed glimpses the season before, but I feel he could add more to his stock by repeating and having another good season. I also feel that DC would not be playing him as much as he has done in pre-season if he thought Josh was leaving. I could be wrong, but if he was in talks with other clubs, I feel DC would be playing others more to build up there fitness, and prioritise them instead.
@thebenhiggins is clearly looking for a tip off for a cheeky bet – Which league 2 manager will get the sack first? 
Sadly, there are certain clubs that historically do not stick with their managers, so if I would go out on a limb and say Harry Kewell at Oldham. They have not stuck with their managers in recent times, and I cant see them changing suit any time soon. I think if their season starts badly he could go.
@APezza3 – Wants to know about the clubs pre-seasons aims – Even if we don’t go up this coming season are the playoffs the least of expectations?
I think play-offs will be the aim. The club do not want to be in League Two longer than they need to be. Before covid, and the financial implications of it, I would have said anything below play-offs would not have been acceptable, but with Leigh Pomlett talking about how his 5 year plan has been extended a year. So I can see the pressure on this season not being as high as it would have been if we hadn’t have had the extreme circumstances that has hit the world.
@OnePodBeyond asks the question we all were thinking – Who would you eat first if the Walsall team bus crashed in the mountains? 
The obvious answer is one of the muscular ones, so someone like Dan Scarr would be a good choice. I also imagine that he would be filled with all the protein that has ever existed, which would keep you going for a while.
As we embark on our Carabao Cup and EFL Trophy campaigns, @LeeReyn46555467 wants to know – Cup runs are always a positive but with LP in charge would a cup run give DC a boost in the transfer market and or wage budget
I think that if we have a particularly good cup run, it could help us out in January. It is a shame that fans aren’t allowed into games, because I think there would have been a good crowd for the Sheffield Wednesday game. If we can reach the third round of the FA Cup, it would benefit the club massively, as by then, hopefully home and away fans will be back. The EFL Trophy is also a good chance to up the kitty by a lot of money too. With us making a few thousand from last years run, money like that again would be very welcome this year.
@mylesdrake wants to know Greatest away day pub trip?
I thought that Crewe was a very good away day set-up, with the pub being so close to the station, and very close to the ground. However with the teams in the league this season, I have to say that I am looking forward to Stevenage away, the pub a short walk from the stadium is very cheap.
Finally, @WfcDave asks – If you were arrested without an explanation, what would your family and friends assume you had done?
Probably something whilst under the influence of alcohol. Most probably at an away day too. Hopefully you aren’t trying to catch me for some reason.
Thanks again for all those questions. We will do another just before the season starts.

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