Date: 28th July 2020 at 5:46pm
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You’ve been asking your questions on Twitter, and once again there is a mixture of topics to talk about, so let’s dig straight in!

To begin with @yamyamupnorth asks Do you think the Checkatrade Trophy should be binned off to alleviate fixture congestion?’ – This is a tricky one, and one I am torn on. First up, I do not agree with the format. The continued inclusion of the academy teams is something that completely discourages fans, and takes away the integrity of the competition. The additional 3 matches before qualifying from the group will add a strain, considering the additional midweek fixtures that will be added due to the shortened season. So on that front, yes, I think it should not go ahead. However, there is a chance to earn some much needed cash. From prize money alone, the club bagged a reported £65,000, and that is before any TV and ticket money. It was also in this competition that Josh Gordon, along with others, found their form, and managed to bring it into the league.
I cannot see the tournament simply being scrapped. With companies bidding for sponsorship, it would probably be tough to not allow it to be played. What I think should happen, is for the trophy to revert back to its previous format. Scrap the academy teams, scrap the group stage and simply make it a straight knockout. That way, teams won’t be tied in to an automatic 3 matches. It will also mean that, if you do play 3 matches, you will be much further in the tournament, and therefore the rewards will be greater.
@LeeReyn46555467 and @LeighJHarris, have asked similar questions about who I want to see come up from the National League. Well, out of the two in the final, I would have to say Harrogate. It would be great to see them come up to the Football League, and give us all a new away day. We have played Notts County many times over the years, and to be honest, the thought of playing the, does not excite me in the slightest. So I will be backing Harrogate. 
@Bunchie1975 asks a question that has been put around social media the last few days. What is the situation regarding ‘add ons’ for Henry, Deeney? Do the club own them or uncle Jeff‘ First up, the sell-on for Troy Deeney is a cool 25%. This is one of the reasons they have struggled to sell him, with Watford wanting clubs to pay the extra. The sell-on fee would go to the club, as the contract of sale is with the club, who owned the player. I do not see a way of Bonser being entitled to any money for the player, and if he tried, I cannot see Pomlett agreeing to it. It’s simply bad business. For Rico? As far as I am aware, there are 3, £1million clauses that are in the contract, promotion to the Prem, first International call-up, and if Brentford reach Europe. There is also a 20% sell-on fee. Again, these would be going to the club, as I cannot see a way that a previous owner has the right to any further money made from a player.
@Holly24L, @JackCla37237584 and @JoshRainer8 both ask about any potential signings, and where I think we will finish. At the moment, it is very quiet on the transfer rumours front, and really, we won’t know a lot. DC keeps his card very close to his chest, and would not want word getting out about players we are looking at signing. I will talk more another day about the areas he is looking at, however I expect to only see 5 come in. In terms of where we will finish. I think we will be looking at top 10. If we do achieve that, then we will no doubt be in the mix for a play-off spot. Historically, teams in between the play-offs and 10th, are within a couple of wins. Yes this season was different, but that was basing it on PPG.
@Juvenuts1888 wants to know, Are you looking forward to socially distanced goal celebrations/limbs? I am looking forward to any goal celebration I can get, be it social distant, or huge mosh pit style jumping and togetherness. I really cannot see fans remaining the full distance apart when we score, especially in matches where we get a last minute winner. However I think it will be funny to see the reaction of fans, as they go from jubilation, to remembering the guidelines (if they remember).
@WfcDave has asked the question you all wanted to know, Have you ever fried bacon without a t-shirt on? I have yes. Make of that what you will Dave…
Our final question goes to @mybescotview, who asks If IKEA can do a hot dog for 65p why are we charging as much as we are? I think we have to take into account the difference in businesses. Football clubs rely on making money from food and drink sales, on top of the ticket prices themselves. That is why things are the prices they are. I don’t really see how you can compare an IKEA to Walsall. However, if a 65p Hot-dog was available at the Bescot, then I would get queuing early doors, it would certainly be a long queue!
Thanks to all of you who put questions forward this week, and apologies to any I didn’t answer. Keep an eye out in a couple of weeks time for another Q and A. Who knows, we may even have a new signing to talk about!

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