Date: 6th July 2020 at 8:56pm
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Here is this weeks Q and A, a real mix of questions once again.

First up, we have a question by @TheWalsallSwift – In your opinion, given the financial implications of the pandemic (and potential lack of investment in the squad), what would be an acceptable finish for you next season?

At the moment it is tough to tell. I think we have a very good core of the team, and we have cover in every position, something that a lot of other League 2 teams don’t have. We are lacking in depth, and that is what makes it tough to tell. We aren’t 100% sure how Clarke will go about his business, but I suspect players coming in will be able to play in a couple of different positions, to offer a bit more depth and cover. Obviously I want to see us mount a promotion push, so anything above 7th. However I think above 10th would be the absolute lowest I think we should be finishing. The club and Leigh Pomlett have been very vocal about their expectations, and their desire for promotion. However, given that there are a lot of variables to take into consideration, I think we cannot expect promotion yet, until our recruitment is done.

@jamiehorney89 has asked something that has sparked debate amongst fans – Is the Andy Butler rumour true? Would you like him back?

In all honesty, I cannot see it being true. I won’t say it isn’t because we do not know what goes on behind closed doors. The rumour started when EFL Hub tweeted that we were in advance talks. Butler, then replied playing down the story stating that ‘Not so sure this is true….. think I’d know!!’  EFL Hub have since deleted the tweet. So I would find it highly unlikely that he will be signing. I do not take notice of EFL Hub, however they topped their laughable rumours when linking us with Leahy last month. In terms of would I like him back? My heart says yes, he was a committed player who is up there with my favourite player of all time. He was great with fans, and on the few occasions I have had the pleasure of speaking with him, he has been fantastic. However, from what I have heard from Scunthorpe fans, Butler had started to look his age, and that releasing him was probably justified. So if that is the case, then I don’t think he would add anything to the playing side of things, and at the moment, that is what we need our signings to do.

@CharlieStaple17 wants to know – If you could sign any player from the past 5 years but had to release 4 players in order to sign him who would they be?

This is tough, because the squad is slim at the moment after those have been released. For me, I would sign Romaine Sawyers, because I think we need a real creative midfielder who can create and score goals out of midfield. Releasing 4 at the moment is tough because of size of the current squad. I would release Guthrie, because Sawyers would be a direct swap, and Guthrie’s injuries mean we are unsure how many he can play in a season. I would move Sadler to a just coaching role, then I would release Leak, because he is the player I know the least about. After that I am struggling, so I would say that I will sacrifice another keeper coming in for him. Overall though, I don’t see any ex-player being worth 4 of the current squad at the moment.

@Holly24L has asked – Is there any possibility of Guthrie and Holden coming back?

I am pretty sure that Guthrie will be signing. I think that he has found a club that he has settled in, and can stay settled in, after playing away from English football. I also feel at his age, it would be better to sign and stay, rather than risk being without a club. Holden is a difficult one. I would take him back, I feel that he really shone in the second half of the season, and that he grew as a player. Bristol City have not announced their retained list yet, so once they do, we will know more about whether Holden is needed, or surplus to requirements. DC has spoken about how he would like certain loan players back, and I am sure Holden is on that list. I think the possibility is there, but whether he is out of contract, or requires a transfer fee is yet to be known.

@LeeReyn46555467 asks the question we all want to know the answer to – Should fans be allowed back in to watch games live at the start of the new season, following social distancing measures????

Yes! 100%. You cannot start the new season without fans, or it will kill clubs financially. With social distancing being lowered to 1 meter, and with the scenes we saw in pubs over the weekend, I cannot see how the powers that be cannot allow it. For me, football should not be resumed without fans being there. I would understand if you can only go and watch the game, not eat drink, socialise before and after the game, then so be it, but fans should be allowed in now that most other industries are getting back to slightly normal.

Finally, @mylesdrake asks the two questions we all wanted to know. Skittles, Starburst or Fruit Pastilles? If the animal kingdom held a football World Cup, which species would reign dominant? (Aquatic animals don’t count, as they’d clearly be in a waterpolo league!)

Skittles! I think Cheetahs, their pace and trickery on the ball would see them get through far in a tournament!

Thanks to all that asked questions, keep a look out for future ones of these. No doubt there will be lots of talking points in the coming months!


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