Date: 21st March 2021 at 4:09pm
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Another week where the Saddlers have failed to register a win. In both games they took the lead, and in both, they let that lead slip away. Fan anger is growing, and fears of relegation are now becoming a legitimate concern, as Walsall sit only eight points clear of the relegation zone.

Current form shows Walsall are the worst team in the league

Over the last 10 games, Walsall have only managed to draw four, and lose the rest. The four points gained sees them bottom of the form table. Although eight points is a seemingly comfortable gap between the Saddlers and Southend, there are still plenty of games left for that to change, especially considering Southend’s performance over the last 10 games. Southend have picked up 11 points in the same spell that Walsall have only gained four. With 11 games left for Walsall, and 10 or Southend, a repeat of this form would see a very close end to the season, anything positive.

This week sees Walsall go up against Southend, and then Grimsby. It is a big week for the club, as defeats in either would see big gains made by the two sides. The big problem is that Walsall cannot win games. It sounds simple, but it is the harsh reality. With only eight wins to their name, they are the 3rd lowest in the league, with only Southend and Grimsby lower. The form over the season has not been good, but more recently, it has been worse. 2021 has been a bad year for the club, with only one solitary victory, form that leads only one way, to relegation.

Second half collapse a major concern

Two goals conceded, one being a penalty, and a red card. Everything that could go wrong in the second half against Bolton did, as the team completely imploded. The signs are there that despite the news coming out of the camp, that things are far from positive, and that type of performance, and collapse is the biggest tell.

The first half was bright and positive. Once again though, a different team have shown up in the second half. Confidence looks low, and the side almost seem resigned to losing, no matter what the performance so far has been. The team seem to be making poor decisions as games go on. Roberts mid-week blunder gave away points, and White lashing out did not help his team out, and gave away any hope of holding on to a point.

Fans at breaking point

There was more anger from the fans yet again after the disappointing way the side ended. Fans expressed concerns over the choice of Dutton still being in charge, and the effort and desire of the players. The week ahead against other relegation candidates, was a hot topic amongst some fans, especially with the form the Saddlers are on:

Enough is enough! It’s time for a change. The players are too inconsistent. 1st half they were brilliant, started the 2nd half well and then went c*** after 60 minutes and let Bolton control the game to the end. Big week coming up against Southend and Grimsby!

@Tom Jebb8

The team, and their performance has seen outrage from fans, who have not hidden their feelings about it. One fan simply said:

Worse team in living memory


This was echoed by many other fans. Walsall have been making mistakes throughout the season, and it has got to the point where fans are wondering whether these mistakes are just the standard of the player, rather than a bad decision here and there:

Fed up now! This squad of players just keep putting themselves in poor positions on the pitch. Poor decision making game after game. Do we have players who are just not good enough or is lack of motivation and leadership from the management team? Lose the next two then what!


Whilst Walsall have been on this slump, especially after Darrell Clarke’s departure, fans have questioned Leigh Pomlett, and whether he is making the right decision about the Head Coach position. This was once again brought up after the defeat to Bolton:

Pomlett has a huge decision to make, we cannot afford to lose the games next week


The club as a whole has a big week ahead. The games ahead, are the biggest in Walsall’s history, let alone season. Everyone who supports the club wants the same thing, especially knowing that a poor week could doom their season.


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