Date: 3rd December 2019 at 11:27am
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We all know Jimmy Walker has blasted fans this week for their lack of support for Keates, but apparent extra support of Darrell Clarke.

However, in a podcast released a few weeks ago, a former player eluded to issues behind the scenes that explain a lot of his transfer drama. The link to the podcast can be found at the end of this article.

During this season, Joe Masi has moved from reporting Walsall for the Express and Star, and has moved to covering West Brom instead. In a podcast released on November 1st, Masi says that he interviewed former Saddler, Jack Fitzwater. At the end of the interview they discussed Walsall and ‘how bad they’re doing this year’ Joe continued to say that ‘as he was walking away he (Jack Fitzwater) went “mate so much went on last year that you don’t know about” behind the scenes’ Masi then stated ‘It wasn’t a happy camp, Walsall’

Masi then went on to talk about how this might have played a part in the transfer circus that happened surrounding Fitzwater in January of this year, Masi said ‘I think he had serious, serious doubts about going back to Walsall’   We then know what happened with the, ‘Will he won’t he sign?’

Joe ended this section by saying “I don’t think he really wanted to go back, and I think in hindsight he probably had very good reasons why he didn’t want to go back’

It is a shame that Jack felt this way. As fans, we all could see he was a very talented lad. But with this apparent desire to stay away from Walsall, it is no surprise that his performances weren’t up to the standard we were used to.

So it would seem that behind the scenes there was a lot happening that DC and Leigh Pomlett have had to sort, along with a new team too.

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