Date: 18th July 2020 at 3:08pm
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A club like Walsall rely on funds coming in even after players have left. Sell-on fees, promotions bonus, and even international appearances, are all clauses that clubs like ours will put in when selling a player, in the hope of recieving extra money further down the line. I say hope, because we always seem to be so close, yet so far.

We are all aware of the ‘Troy Deeney sell-on fee’. We are also more aware of the transfer rumours that have previously swirled around him, with millions that would have come our way. Rewind to 2016, when these rumours were at their most lucrative for the club. A figure of £20million had been reported, and with Walsall set for 25% of it, we were all hoping the deal would happen. It didn’t. However we have a new kid on the block who is dangling the money carrot in front of us.

Rico Henry has a couple of rumoured clauses in his contract that would see some money gratefully fall in Walsall’s hands. The clauses rumoured involve promotion to the Premier League, International Appearance, and a sell-on fee. I would assume there is a fee after a certain number of games played, however that is something lesser known, and probably commands a lower figure.

The clause starting us in the face at the moment, is the promotion to the Premier League. Walsall would be set to receive an estimated £1million, if the rumours are accurate, which in this time of financial strain, would be extremely well received. However, after Brentford missied out on the chance of moving up to 2nd in the Championship, the advantage swings back to West Brom. Should Brentford finish 3rd, then will be seen as favourites in the Play-offs, given their unrelenting form since the restart.

Not only would the fee for promotion be great for the Saddlers, but it will also put Henry more in the picture for an England call-up. Playing Premier league football is the best way to get noticed, and who knows, an experimental England team could see him earn a call-up, providing further funds for the club.

It may not be as painful as seeing the potential of £5million from a Deeney sale, but it is still money, and it would really help the club with the season ahead. So please Brentford, get that promotion. Help Mr Pomlett out!