Date: 29th November 2019 at 2:26pm
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This week I spoke to a very good friend of mine, Liam, who answered a few questions about Oxford in the build up to Saturday’s 2nd Round FA Cup Tie.

Hows your season been so far?
Slow start but playing fairly well, and then results came. Now 15 unbeaten

Best player?
Probably Fosu in terms of exciting to watch

Worst player?
Nobody has had an awful time to be honest, but Dan Agyei has not had too many minutes. That being said, he scored within 30 of coming on on Saturday

What has changed to see you competing at the other end of the table this season?

GOALS… 55 thus far this season, four midfielders scoring fairly regularly, and Matty Taylor.

Ex-Saddlers Dan Agyei and Anthony Forde are amongst your ranks, what are your thoughts on both?
Agyei as above, more minutes needed really but keeping Matty Taylor and Jamie Mackie out is not easy. Forde had played three or four different positions for us this year and seems comfortable everywhere. He’s been a steady 7/10 each game and seems reliable.

Predictions for the weekend?
I’m an optimist so will go for an Oxford win on the form we’re in, I’ll say 3-1

Finally, one random fact about your club?
We were the first club to play against Man Utd with Alex Ferguson in charge… We won

So there we have it Forde has been consistent, and they score a lot of goals. It is going to be a tough test for our defence as it seems Oxford have threats all over the pitch, so there will be a lot to deal with. Thanks to Liam for answering a few questions, we wish them the best of luck for the season ahead, well, after Saturday that is.