Date: 22nd November 2019 at 8:38pm
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This week I spoke to Stevenage FC Central to chat about the game and to find out a little more about Saturdays visitors.

How’s your season been so far?

Well we are bottom so it doesn’t take a lot to figure. But it doesn’t tell the whole story. A shot to goal ratio of 19:1 probably tells you where our troubles lie. With an injury crisis, managerial changes and everything inbetween it’s been a chaotic season that was full of hope

Best player?

You would be hard done by not to choose Paul Farman in the goal. Saved us time after time. However Chris Stokes and once again Scott Cuthbert worthy candidates. Charlie Carter signed from non league also a wildcard choice

Worst player?

I’m not one to pick players out but Emmanuel Sonupe hasn’t exactly done himself favours this season. Our only winger at the club and it’s telling when we rather not have a winger

Whats happening at the moment with the managerial situation? And with caretaker Sampson?

With the FA charge. It’s a difficult situation at the minute but it appears Sampson will remain for now. Think the game against you would be defining for him. But if he can get slightly better results has the job but obviously it’s in the air at the minute.

Predictions for the weekend?

It’s gonna be tight and nervy. We both have had slight improvements in form. Heart says 1-0 us due to our lack of goals. Head probably 1-1

Finally, one random fact about your club?

We was the first club to win at the new Wembley: winning the FA trophy 3-2 v Kiddiminster