Date: 6th May 2020 at 5:53pm
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Here we have the first in a weekly series where you , the fans, put forward your questions to me, and I try and sound all smart and answer them.

First XI made up entirely of loan players (not allowed to choose players who then signed permanently with us) -@yamyamupnorth

This is not east given it is only players we had on loan and didn’t sign. In goal I would have Sam Johnstone. Then my four at the back would be Jason McCarthy on the right, Pennington (was quality and has proved his worth despite playing so few for us) and Fitzwater (not the 3rd spell) and Laird on the Left. I would have a midfield 3 of George Evans, Keith Andrews and Andrew Surman, with Jordy Hiwula, Tyler Roberts and Matt Jarvis.

Favourite ground to visit (excluding the Bescot of course) and why? – @calumwilliams18

Is none in League 2 an option? I always enjoyed Griffin Park, good old fashioned stadium where you could still stand, and a great away pub with an outdoor BBQ. I am a simple man to keep happy.

When we moved from Fellows Park, where should the new ground have been built? – @Bryn1970

Not to disappoint you Bryn, but when Walsall moved from Fellows Park, I wasn’t born. For me, I like the fact that Fellows Park and The Bescot are so close. It is nice that the area was still the home of the Saddlers. For me, the location is in a good spot for several reasons, the commercial opportunity that the club have smartly used, how close they are to a motorway for travelling to and from. I also think that being able to keep pubs, shops etc in the area still serving Saddlers fans on a match-day is key. Looking on a bigger scale, lots of businesses went under when West Ham moved due to the location, and not having fans nearby on match-days. So I would say overall the spot it is in is a good one, however I would like to hear what those who remember the move would say about it.

Thoughts on Pomlett’s reign so far regarding stadium, fan interaction etc? – @LeighJHarris

Overall I don’t think we could have asked for much more. Fan’s forums where he has actually been there, Quarterly videos, and website updates, and then during lockdown, a weekly video to keep fans informed has been something not seen here before. In terms of the Stadium, I think he has done well, so far. The work on the Bescot Bar has been much needed, and you could tell he was annoyed that he had to re-apply for the grant because of the change from Jeff to Pomlett. I think he is slowly improving match-days, and he will get there. I am happy to be patient knowing there is work going on, rather than hearing nothing like the previous.

What is the best away day for a Walsall supporter? – @Littleoldwfc

Ones where we win! There have been two I have enjoyed the most this season. Salford away was brilliant, but I think that was more the atmosphere rather than anything else. So for that reason I am going to say Crewe. It is a local(ish) away trip with  a great set-up near to the stadium. A couple of pubs nearby, and places to eat too. The result wasn’t what we wanted, but the day itself was brilliant.

If you could relive any away day, what one would it be? – @Heslop96

Has to be Wolves away. Around 3000 Saddlers fans in attendance and all round a fantastic night. I don’t think there are many games in recent times that have topped that in terms of away days. I couldn’t speak for 2 days afterwards!

Full English Formation – @mylesdrake

By this I am assuming you mean an 11 item full English. So we have 2 Sausages, 2 rashers of Bacon, 3 Hash Browns, Beans, 2 Fried Eggs, and Toast!

Thanks to all who asked questions. I will be back next week to ask again so get thinking!


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