Date: 29th December 2019 at 9:24pm
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This is a very simple article. Being a Walsall fan is never boring, and here are some of your random highlights from the last 10 years, that (hopefully) will bring a smile to even the most weathered fans out there.

We kick off our randomness with the delight that was Krystian Bielik. The living legend that signed, and never played. We did see Krystian play at the Bescot though, when he scored against us when Charlton won 2-0. We saw full well what we missed out on, and to this day, we will never know why an injured player was signed.

Next up, we have something from our visitors on New Year’s day. @96kmitchell96 found the Papa Johns delivery at half time very strange. For those who weren’t there, a pizza gets delivered at half time, similar to the one at the Bescot. But Orient have upped the game by getting a Papa Johns bike to drive around the pitch. Starting in front of the away end… sometimes these things aren’t well thought are they.

Ngoo didn’t have a very successful spell with us. @JohnOwens12 remembered his debut penalty. Ngoo stole the ball away to take the penalty, and, well, he didn’t score. Ngoo struggled for a lot of his time here, and let’s face it, that game gave us an insight to how his spell was going to go.

Record signing, Andreas Makris scored 1 goal for the club, in a 1-1 draw against Oxford United. But one random memory that sticks out for @chriss5471 was that Jon Whitney said that the Makris goal had ‘sucked the life out of him’ and that he had to sub Makris because of it. Some goal. Makris left at the end of the season to move to APEOL, where he featured in the Champions League against Tottenham Hotspur.

2 chants that made us all smile (and one took us viral) consisted of, ‘Were only here coz we single (At Scunthorpe match played on February 14th)’ and ‘That Vegan B****** he’s eating our grass (Vs FGR). Both of these showing our inventiveness from the stands.

Other smaller moments that were mentioned include the following, Osbourne being knocked out by a Shrewsbury free-kick, the fan that squared up to Dicko when we played Wolves, and getting pies thrown at us when we played at the Molineux.

But finally, who could forget ‘that’ tweet when we beat Wolves. Many of you will remember the tweet that made comments about the dingle fans (if not, a quick search on twitter will be enough for you to find it). To this day we do not know who it was, but to that person, I salute you. That whole game was probably in my top 3 moments being a Walsall fan, and that tweet was something that I never expected to see.

The 2010’s hasn’t been the roaring success that we wished it would be, but these are the moments that we will look back on and will always make us smile.

P.S, Big shout out to Morris’s mom for winning Vital Walsall’s mother of the year award.