Date: 4th January 2020 at 9:27am
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This week I spoke to not one, but two Salford fans who answered a few questions in the build up to this afternoons game. I spoke to @BroughtonM7 (B) and @scfcsupporters (S). Both had different things to say, so I thought, why not just put both in the article.

Hows your season been so far?

(S) – Season has been as expected if I’m to be perfectly honest, we knew I wasn’t going to be plain sailing and we’ve proven ourselves against the top dogs.

(B) – I’m happy to be with in touching distance of the playoffs in our 1st season in the FL with a lot of the lads from the NL

Best player?

(S) – Favourite player for me has got to be Liam Hogan, he’s just a man mountain at the back, fully deserving to be club captain

(B) – Best player got to be Ritchie Towell he’s on another level for this division easily best Midfielder I’ve seen this season

Worst player?

(B) – We have lads not as good as others and favs but I don’t have a ” Worse” player to be fair

Favourite ever player?

(B) – Scott Burton currently our most decorated player always gave 110% ran our Midfield 3 promotions in 3.5 seasons with us his names still sung in the west stand

(S) – Favourite ever play has got to be Scott Burton. The guy was an animal in midfield, won everything. Tackling was next to non!

We have Rory Gaffney on loan, what are your thoughts on him?

(B) – Rory always put a shift in got a really good engine and linked well with Rooney in the NL became less affective after an injury lay off and couldn’t get back into the side we were hoping he’d go to your place get the games and come back stronger

(S) – Rory Gaffney is a top asset to have in any club, I just think with the signings we’ve made this season it wasn’t going to fit in with how he likes to play

Salford get a fair bit of stick for having a huge investment from their owners, what do you think of it all?

(B) – I love it spent many an hour getting involved in debate on social media usually from fans of clubs who have fell on bad times a lot of green eyes in football were living the football dream 100% there isn’t a fan in the land that wouldn’t want their club taken over by really football people don’t forget the CO92 learned their trade less than a mile from Moorlane at the Cliff and Littleton road with united

(S) – Salford are always going to get stick about the investment side of the club, but we was a club that wasn’t even heard of ten years ago and now we’re on everyone’s lips. The investment has helped promote not only the club but the city of Salford and that’s more important in my opinion.

Predictions for the weekend?

(B) – I see an attacking line-up from us so thinking a 3-0 win we will probably get thumped now

(S) – After drawing against Bradford and then beating Crewe I’m looking at at 3-1 victory tomorrow

Finally, one random fact about your club?

(B) – We played in red before orange back in the day

Thanks t0 both for taking the time to get back in touch. It certainly isn’t going to be a quiet game with the Saddlers taking 1300.