Date: 20th June 2021 at 7:52pm
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Walsall have had a quick start to the transfer market, and have brought in four new faces already. With Hayden White also renewing his deal, the squad is starting to take shape, but there is a lot of work left to do. All the players coming in have spoken highly about Matt Taylor, who has fans excited more as each day goes on.

Jack Earing

Earing has joined to bolster the creativity that has been lacking in the previous couple of seasons. Earing comes in with next to no experience in the EFL. However, he is a player that has enjoyed a good season with Halifax, and will be looking to take that confidence with him. Signing anyone from the National League is a risk, but Earing has earned the chance after a fine season.

Playing as Halifax’s No10, Earing scored 8 goals in 32 appearances, with only 23 of those being starts. If he can replicate this sort of form, or even something close to it, then Walsall will be extremely pleased with the signing.

One of the big problems with Walsall last season was goals, and Earing can add that. It is a signing that adds another player to a populated central midfield, but it might suggest a tweak of positions for some of those, or at the least, a change of formation with a midfield three.

Taylor is key

One thing that has been spoken about by every signing is manager Matt Taylor. Now, that is to be expected, but the way they are speaking of Taylor is more than the usual comments that are made.

All have spoken about his vision, and way of talking about football. This is something that has lured these players in, and will continue to do so too. It is also one of the reasons Hayden White has extended his stay with the Saddlers. He is a player that didn’t have the best time out last season, but he is clearly excited to work under the new Head Coach.

The players coming in really want to play for Taylor, and that will no doubt also be the case for the players who are already at the club. Taylor is building a side of players that have been playing, and been playing well for their respective clubs. It is a different approach, and one that is making the Saddlers look a good prospect for potential signings.

Fullarton dangling the carrot

Taylor is the carrot that Fullarton is putting in front of the eyes of the new players. But two of the new players, Earing and Wilkinson, have come through the door because of a history with Fullarton. In terms of recruitment, this is huge.

Fullarton has a contact book, and a knowledge that compliments Taylor, but what is being done well by the team, is selling the club and selling the vision. Leigh Pomlett has brought in a new way of working, and it is certainly paying off. The team work between the Technical Director and Head Coach has impressed the fans, and has impressed the four new signings too.