The Guest Blog – Volume XIII

The Guest Blog returns with our regular blogger, Adam Guest, giving his views on the FA Cup, the swearing ban, and how the Saddlers look from off the west coast of Senegal.

Saturday, October 26th, 14:57(BST), and I`m in our holiday apartment when my phone goes. It`s a text off the lady who sits next to me at our home games telling me our starting XI for the Coventry match. My reply was “I don`t like the look of that. Why are we playing 3 central midfielders at home? We`ll be to narrow, create nothing, and lose to nil.”
As it turns out I was right, although I wish I hadn`t been. But the question that was rolling around my head on that Saturday evening was that if I could tell that when I was in West Africa, why wasn`t Deano able to spot it from the touchline?

Don`t get me wrong, three in central midfield away from home is working excellently and we are reaping the rewards, as our demolition of Swindon the previous Tuesday showed us, but at home it clearly isn`t working. The two home games we`ve won this season have both been achieved while playing 4-2-3-1, as was the Notts County home game which we drew, and this is what is so frustrating. We`re not struggling to find a tactic that works at home, we have one, we`re just refusing to use it.

Happily, we have a very winnable home game this weekend and hopefully we`ll decide we want to win the match and set up accordingly. Our recent FA Cup record has been nothing short of terrible, although it`s worth noting that following last season`s exit on a cold Tuesday night in a replay against Lincoln, we went the rest of the season unbeaten at home. If we can start that run a game earlier this season then a cup run, and victory against the Sloppies, would go down very nicely indeed.

It will have to come of course, without the aid of our usual repertoire of colourful chanting from the terraces as the club have decided that swear words such as f***, c***, w*****, b******* and YOU B****** REFEREE are no longer welcome at the Banks`s. This will no doubt result in some entertaining chants from the comedy guru`s that make up our fascinating terrace material. The fact we can trial these out against the Sloppies is also ideal, ‘sheep` does rhyme with ‘bleep` after all.

If however, as expected, the ‘No Bad Language` request falls on deaf ears then the non-swearers will at least be able to watch the Peterborough game in peace and quiet, while those of us who have been banned will be watching it on the box, in the pub.