Date: 4th December 2019 at 2:17pm
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Last night Walsall fought back from 2-0 down to beat Chelsea’s U-21s and book a place in the next round of the trophy.

As fans, we aren’t particularly keen on this trophy and many have boycotted it due to the introduction of U-21 teams. However, here is the main reason (other than a potential Wembley Date) that I want the team to make it further in this competition.

Figures provided by the Sunderland Echo in the article linked at the end of this, show how much money can be won by progressing through the rounds in this trophy. Walsall have already received £20,000 by participating in this competition, and add 2 wins in the group stage (£10,000 per win) and a draw against Coventry (£5000 for a draw), Walsall have already bagged themselves a cool £45,000.

Last nights fightback meant that Walsall are now through to the 3rd round, and last nights win saw them add £20,000 to that total, meaning that we now have £65,000 in the bank.

Going forward, if, (and it is a big if) Walsall can win in the 3rd round, we can bag ourselves a further £40,000, and looking even further ahead, if we were to get to Wembley, we would be walking away with over £200,000 from the competition.

Sunderland apparently were £1,000,000 better off last year after prize money, TV rights, and ticket income. Walsall won’t bring in that much revenue from tickets as Sunderland would have, but it shows that the trophy can be used to garner some extra income, and Darrell Clarke and Leigh Pomlett would be foolish to not use it to do so.

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  • Just shows how Important a cup run is for teams like Walsall . I thought the first 10 minutes we didn’t get going at all and then we improved after that.

    Second half we were brilliant and deserved the win in the end and can only build confidence for the league matches especially beating teams like Chelsea.

    We certainly now have keep the likes of Wes McDonald in the team and start a good rebuild in January.

    • Even though the format is disliked, it has a benefit to it, and it would be foolish for teams like ours not to take advantage. That’s my opinion anyway.

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