Date: 15th September 2019 at 9:38am
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“Walsall nil” save to drafts

“Walsall lose” save to drafts

The sorry Saddlers slipped to yet another defeat to Bradford yesterday and alarm bells which started to sound after the Grimsby defeat started to get louder and louder. This is a much bigger problem than originally thought.

Decades of the previous regime making wrong footballing decisions has finally come to a head. Yes people reading this will say you can’t blame Bonser and co for not being able to challenge in League 2 but fact of the matter is we shouldn’t be here. Had those at the top made the right calls over the past four years especially then we would easily still be in League 1.

Trouble is though, we aren’t and if that fix goes wrong (which it looks like it is at the minute) then we are only seven months away from playing with part time plumbers and salesmen. I don’t think it will get to that but realism has to prevail in all this.

The Saddlers despite having NINETEEN shots yesterday (yeah I was surprised at that too) never really looked like a side that was capable. Yes O’Donnell made two great saves but I’ll be honest neither attempt got me off my seat – a sorry state of affairs. You get the feeling that feel good factor is well and truly gone.

We have scored just one goal in the last ten hours of football!

As the clock ticked yesterday I spent time looking around at the fans – one man was reading a newspaper, one fan was playing angry birds on their phone and one was counting how many Bradford fans were there…we are all bored, very bored.

We sold more season tickets than usual but those same people won’t renew next season if we continue to serve up drab football. Only Walsall can fail to build on the feel good factor.

Now I have full faith that Clarke will turn it around but when you have just been relegated and you are serving up woeful entertainment the natives will become restless far quicker than normal. At least go for a win rather than setting up not to lose!

Massive five games coming up now (can’t believe we are saying that in September) but we face two sides below us in the league in Morecambe and Scunthorpe then we have inconsistent Salford and Orient with Crawley sandwiched between them. If after these five games we still have a mediocre goals and points tally then I do believe the knives will well and truly be out.

Things can only get better…..


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