Date: 22nd May 2020 at 4:44pm
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Here is the next of the fan questions. A real mixture this week, so here goes.

Your favourite Walsall shirt (any season, home/away/third all allowed) – @calumwilliams18

This is a difficult one, so I am going for one of each. My favourite Home kit is tough to choose, but I am going for the 14/15 shirt. Purely because I got given one for my 21st with my name and 21 on the back. Other notable mentions are the 2000/2001 kit, for the memories, and the two white kits in 65/66 and 66/67. Away kits are always a hit or miss, I have to say, I loved last seasons away kit, but the memories of that shirt are not exactly great, so therefore I am going with 17/18 with the red on the shoulders. Third kit, has to be this seasons, although we have had some truly great 3rd kits.

Any idea what’s likely to happen regarding unusable away tickets? – @ladleamore, Any idea what’s going to happen with the season tickets for next season because we’ve renewed ours for next season? @Holly23511954

This is something I would like to know. I have combined these as the answer is the same. At the moment, clubs are trying to figure out what is happening as new news is hitting them each day. For season tickets, until a decision is made for what the plan is for next season, the club won’t really release what they plan to do, simply because they don’t know. If only a few games are behind closed doors then it is different to the whole season. So when things become clear then the club will make decisions on what is best to do. For unusable away tickets, I think each club will try and do something different. Some may offer a flat out refund, others may try and offer the ticket for a match next season (if possible). With the league still in limbo, these are the types of decisions that will be made during the summer, once more clarity is brought to the situation. As soon as I know more, I will let you all know!

Given the ongoing crisis and the incredibly likely “behind closed doors” season 20/21, what do you believe the club could do to fill the financial black hole left by the lack of (season) ticket sales? Could this include contributions by the fans, and for what in return? – @LeighJHarris

The obvious one is allow fans to pay for streaming. It is one of the only ways to gain an income. Things like the 50/50 draw could continue to grow, and although it isn’t going to be a huge earner for the club, every little will help. I also think clubs should be allowed to use advertisements at half time. So companies, local based, could pay to advertise on the streaming service. I don’t think this is allowed, but surely given the circumstances, the powers that be could allow it to help clubs out. Other smaller things I think could be good is raffling shirts, merchandise etc. I also think that maybe doing an auction could be quite good, and very funny. Having Dan Scarr mow your lawn would be something that I am sure would raise some money!

Should poorly run EFL clubs be bailed out??? If they are then good run clubs should they have a pts bonus for next season or if a club is bailed out should they have a pts deduction depending on size of bailout??? – @LeeReyn46555467 

This is a tough one. It could very easily get to the point where clubs that have been well run start to need help. It is also a case of how well run they are now, some clubs would argue that after years of being poorly run, that it would be unfair that new ownership etc that have brought about a positive influence should be penalised for previous owners. The difference an ownership change can make is huge, just look at ours. Hopefully clubs won’t need bailing out, but if they do, then I don’t think a points deduction would help, starting in a situation that puts you up against it before a ball is kicked will not help struggling clubs recover at all.

Finally, here is an A-Z of all things Walsall FC for @mylesdrake

A – Alan Buckley, B – Bescot, C – Chris Nicholl, D – Darrell Clarke, E – ‘Everywhere we go’, F – Fellows Park, G – Gilbert Alsop, H – Hillary Street Ground, I – Ian Roper, J – Jorge Leitao and Jimmy Walker, K – Kyle Lightbourne, L – Lord Leigh Pomlett, M – Millenium Stadium, N – Ntamark, O – One Pod Beyond, P – Padula, – R – Red, S – Saddlers and Swifty – Take me home, W – Wednesbury Road, U – Underdogs, V – Vegan who ate our grass, W – Walsall Town Swifts, Y – You reds!, Z – Zigor

There will be another Q and A soon! Thanks to those who submitted questions, I look forward to the next lot.


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