Date: 18th April 2020 at 7:55pm
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Here is the second part of the feature, where I have asked fans what they think should happen with the rest of the season, going into next season. Today we have @LoganRichards75, @EvoBoozySaddler and @sinaan_CP

1 – What are your thoughts on how the EFL have handled the decisions due to the pandemic?

LR – With the recent pandemic occurring, covid-19 has caused football to be postponed. The EFL have taken the choice to postpone if the season which I believe is the best option. For me football is all about the passion for your club and how the fans rise players spirits. Well this is the case at Walsall. Obviously next season will be pushed back but it is a better option for the football to be played later on. Someone working for the EFL has said play the games behind closed doors, I don’t want this to be a reality as I feel Walsall may struggle without motivation from the fans.

SIN – EFL have started to make some good strides towards protecting the teams in the EFL but a lot more needs to be done for smaller teams.

EVO – I’ve not heard much from the EFL while this has been going on other than the announcement that football wouldn’t commence until the end of April and the subsequent one that it now won’t resume until it’s safe to do so. Appreciate their hands are tied while we are on lock down and this is a totally unprecedented situation but I note that Scottish clubs have been voting on what to do with their season but no mention of ours being asked to do similar.

2 – What do you feel is the best way to finish this season?

EVO – I think the season needs resolving just for closure purposes so if that means a frantic month in the Summer then so be it but it needs resolving asap as pushing next season back will mean it encroaching on the Summer Euros.

LR – I believe the best way to finish the season is to postpone it until the coronavirus crisis is over, this gives the fans something to wait for and gives people motives to stay inside so this virus can blow over. As I said before, football behind closed doors wouldn’t be appealing for the fans or the players as the supporters would miss watching their team and clubs would struggle to get motivation what they’d usually get from chants or the cheering on.

SIN – Play the season behind closed doors or postpone the season and start afresh next year.

3 – How do you think it will all pan out?

SIN – I believe that it will be played behind closed doors.

LR – I feel like if the EFL’s wish to have football back by June comes true, we should be in a decent place within the league. It would be a time for the lads to want to come out and give some belting performances to finish off the season. I think that it would all plan out fine and could give Walsall a motive to push higher in the table.

EVO – I think the matches will get played on way or another, probably behind closed doors but probably screened live on some sort of ppv so that clubs get some revenue. The other is just to nullify the whole season which would be bad but at least those two defeats to Crewe would be wiped.

4 – What do you want to see happen with next season?

EVO – Next season, they should promote Barrow so the full 92 is restored, and adjust the relegations from League One so it fits. Maybe scrap the EFL Trophy to free up match dates if the season does start late. Then sit back and watch DC lead us to glory.

LR – I would preferably want the season to be pushed back a bit as the fans are still getting the football they’ve payed for. I feel like this would be a win for all fans over the country and clubs alike too. It would help clubs financial issues if struggling due to no income and would please fans.

SIN – I would want the season to continue to keep on going.

5 – Finally, your top lock-down tip to stay sane?

SIN – Get a workout in during lock-down to clear your mind.

EVO – Music and lots of it. Sing and dance to your hearts content.

LR – Personally I haven’t been affected by the lock-down mentally, but anyone who needs some tips I would say to keep your mind busy. Go for your daily walk, do some exercise at home and stop staring at screens for hours on end.

Thanks to the guys for answering those. There will be a chance to feature again in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for info on how to take part.


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