Date: 2nd January 2018 at 10:07am
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Walsall fans are intending to protest at our next home game against Oxford United it emerged last night.

Fans on the Facebook page ‘Walsall Fans Have Your Say’ have become increasingly frustrated by the performances on the pitch but more so with owner Jeff Bonser and his running of the club.

A statement by Walsall fan Olly Beckett reads

‘Take a long hard look at this photo (was a image of the Banks’s Stadium). It says in big letters above the doors ‘Walsall Football Club’, not the venue just Walsall Football Club and that is what it will always be first and foremost to me.

Fed up to the back teeth of people saying it cant survive without us the fans, well lets put this theory to the test once and for all.

I urge every Saddlers fan to stand in front of those doors at the next home game v Oxford and not enter the ground. I understand season ticket holders have already paid in advance and it would be unfair on them however by all means go into the game but whilst in there, do not spend a penny on food or drink etc. Then on the 80th minute, whatever the score get up and leave the game and join the fans outside those doors.

Lets start letting this board know we wont put up with the shambolic way the club treats the playing side of it and let them play the last ten minutes out to an empty stadium.

We will have a bucket with us outside the ground and my admission fee will be placed into it and hopefully anyone else who chooses to stand in solidarity will also contribute.

Any such money collected will be passed onto a charity. I would much rather my cash went to a genuine cause than feed the cash cow that only feathers the nests of the parasite board members.

This isn’t a sack Whitney protest, we are way behind that point now, but an attempt to let this board know that lifelong fans are at the end of their tether and are unwilling to contribute to the bank of Bonser anymore, when so little is given in return.

This isn’t an opportunity to shout abuse at any fellow fan who shares a different view but one of genuine fans who are no longer prepared to see our club gradually slide into obscurity.

Bonser only speaks one language and that’s a monetary one and the only way he will listen and act is when money is involved.

We the fans hold more power than we give ourselves credit for but for as long as we stand by and subserviently pander to the board, nothing will change.

Lets join together and let it be known that enough is enough.’

Please note the above quotes are directly from Olly and not a view of Vital Walsall.

The event has already gained interest from many season ticket holders claiming they will stand for the whole duration of the ninety minutes outside the stadium.

With increasing pressure from the terraces it remains to be seen how this will end, I call on the board to stop their silence and come out and speak to the fans to try and sort these problems.


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