Date: 20th October 2019 at 2:13pm
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Yesterday 4,494 fans were inside the Banks’s Stadium, just 506 fans shy of the 5,000 that Walsall Chairman Leigh Pomlett has called for.

However the home numbers are dwindling and it seems that fans are fed up of the matchday experience just as much as the home performances.

708 of yesterday’s attendance was made up of Cheltenham fans, meaning just 3,786 Walsall fans were in attendance.

747 fewer home fans than attended our home game against Salford just two weeks earlier.

Many have suggested that the matchday experience just isn’t good enough, that’s before you take into consideration the football on offer – just one home win in seven.

Fans were complaining at the Salford game of waiting in long queues for food and drink.

Yesterday the queues were much smaller (as you’d expect with lower crowds) however many still complained about the flat beer, the warm ale and the tv not working in the Stadium Suite.

If the football on offer isn’t worthy of the matchday £20 admission fee then the food/drink on offer must be worth it, it isn’t.

There are many things wrong with our club at present however the most simplistic things must be sorted.

Pomlett admitted on his interview on Friday that he isn’t happy with how slowly things are being implemented with regards to the conferencing aspect of the club and has employed a new manager to sort these problems out.

You feel if we are to surpass that 5,000 figure then the matchday experience and entertainment MUST improve. Customers want something for their money and at the minute they’re getting neither.

Massive few months for the hierarchy of the club.

You cannot guarantee a victory or a decent performance but you can guarantee decent beer, smaller queues and a television that works!

Failure to rectify the controllable will just see attendance numbers reduce even more.

Over to you Walsall FC.


5 Replies to “Walsall Fans Voting With Their Feet?”

  • Took my grandson yesterday to is frist home game very disappointing the team does not to win no shape no idea no passion

  • If other walsall fans are like me they probably do not look forward to going to the home games at the moment football is very poor to watch some of the players do not look good enough for league 2 They are Darrell Clarke players most of them so he has to take the blame so where do we go from here if he cannot make them into better players we are in trouble so I think if we lose to Oldham and Mansfield the fans will start to disappear because they will not turn up to watch dross football so let’s hope some how we can win the next 2 games but there will have to be a massive improvement for that to happen

  • What’s happened to the upbeat music we’ve had for the last couple of seasons before games?
    Music that actually got the fans clapping and singing along to.
    What we have now is sending fans asleep and many fans are bored even before the match starts.
    Bring back what we had and lets get some atmosphere in the ground so the fans are upbeat and “up for it” from the very first whistle.
    Half time music is enough to make fans walk out.
    Surely this request wouldn’t cost the club a penny to put back in place.

  • It’s really poor that the Saddlers are like this.
    Adaybayo should be sacked or band of how he is .We know Josh Gordon is good going but he needs a target to score 9 more
    Charlie 6 fav player L. Kinsella.

  • I hate to be negative about my team, but i have to be honest and say its not enjoyable down the bescot right now. The positive momentum, built by the arrival of Darrel and Bonser out, despite been relegated, has quickly diminished. The football is extremely poor. No direction or drive. There is only Clarke and Sinclair who are playing with any passion. Kinsella always gives his all but his performance has not been brilliant. I like Roberts he pulls some amazing saves but he seems to have zero confidence hence the errors. Josh gordon is lively and puts effort in but he’s not in the right place at the right times and just dies not score. McDonald could be dangerous in this league but the end product is not there. And adebayo is an absolute disgrace…. I keep reading about ‘matchday experience’, its the same as the football on show, no aim, no point. Music is terrible, Saturday they had a single on repeat until the players came out come on how hard is it to play some decent up beat music. I hope we get a result tonight and things pick up over the next two home games because its just too depressing to keep forking out ticket fees…..come on saddlers.

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