Date: 9th January 2018 at 6:27pm
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We have seen a few articles over the past few days and many have been questioning the agenda of the scheduled protest due to take place before, during and after this Saturdays game with Oxford United (13.01.18)

We contacted Olly Beckett today who is at the forefront of this and have been given a list of questions which he feels needs to be asked and answered.

Feel free to use these at the Fans Forum which is scheduled for this Thursday (11th January, 6.30pm)

How do we find ourselves in the current position and what are the immediate plans to maintain our League 1 safety?

What are the honest ambitions for this club?

Why does the footballing side continue to suffer at the hands of the commercial side?

How much longer is the rent issue going to continue?

Why does the footballing side have to maintain the fabric and structure of the stadium – on top of the rent payments?

What safeguard is in place for the future of our club?

Why is there continued debt owed to board members going back fifteen years when it was the clubs own generated money it was borrowing?

Why doesnt he engage in honest and open dialogue with fans and the media?

Why are there so many loans in regards to the playing squad?

Why can’t a player with quality be attracted to the football club for a long period?

Why give a man who has no recognised coaching badge a three year contract?

Why is the commercial side of the business branded The Venue, Birmingham? Isnt this a smack in the face for the very town in which its located?

Why does the club continue to distance themselves from the Fellow Park days and why were legends from that era banned from the club for a period of time? ie Kenny Mower (his Facebook post reported this)

All these questions have been submitted by Olly and are not that of Vital Walsall.

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