Date: 16th March 2015 at 9:29pm
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Apologies, I skipped a day. This will NOT happen again. Sunday was my longest day so after I finished – I was bluntly just too knackered. Thought I`d give you a big old double bill tonight. Sunday – I woke up buzzing at 6am to find a good old blister on my heel. That was worst case scenario! Then got to Salford Jn to find my water pouch had leaked in my bag! Then I started walking with great trepidation (due to my fear of the phantom stone thrower!) I walked about 3/4 of a mile the wrong bloody way! Award for worst walker of the day went to yours truly. It was a peculiar thing walking through Brum at 8 in the morning. Some of it was so nice, other parts were so rank! Fridges floating in the canal – all sorts. People say it`s like Venice – people also thought the world was flat. To go a bit Fred Dibnah on you but I was shocked to see the state of the building that obviously relied on ‘the cut` for trade. All smashed and dilapidated. Shame as they were lovely buildings and clearly full of history. Then you hit Solihull & Catherine De Barnes and everything becomes beautiful – the Daily Mail was growing on trees. I waved David Cameron came down the canal doing a swift backstroke. I jest!! It was very beautiful. Very idealistic however – it`s towpath was poo! Gone was the Tarmac – in its place was mud, mud and mud. This led to an impromptu blister stop to establish I now had another new one! Not even 20 miles in and I had two blisters. What is that about?! I really feel it`s due to the uneven and soft surfaces. Anyway to the walk, cracked on and hit 18 miles ok. I`ve never walked more than 17 in a day so that was good but then suddenly my mind started playing tricks on me. My legs were heavy, got quite grumpy, started slowing down then I hit Hatton Station! Unbeknownst to you but my original plan was to stop there but weeks ago I changed my mind and said Id stop at Warwick Parkway. Well hitting Hatton knowing I had a few miles left – well that was it! My feet turned to lead, every muscle hurt and twitched. It was mental and very painful! Either way – got to the end. Not as if I can turn back now can I? Can I? No seriously- can I?

I got home and one of my BFF`s and documentary maker: Rob, decides an ice bath is good for recovery. I sat in this bath for 10 minutes, losing feeling in my feet, losing feeling in my calves and completely losing my ‘man-ness` (lads, you know exactly what I am saying!). It was positive though if not agonising – I didn`t ache as much on . . . .

Monday. Picking back up at Warwick all the way to Braunston (by Daventry). It should`ve taken 18.5 miles, I didn`t. It took longer and I wanted to cry. Again – the mind said: we are walking 18.5, I said – we aren`t, we are walking further. The mind said – Nope, sorry chunk! Your mistake, your problem! Then same as yesterday my boots filled with lead and everything hurt! That sucked big time! Was not a fan at all! Though you can beat it by playing some . . . . . *now it`s time for a regular feature* . . . . tuuuuuuuuuunes of the week, tunes of the week, tuuuuuuuuuunes of the week, tunes of the week:

Guns`n`Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

Rage against the Machine – Know your enemy

30 Seconds to Mars – This is War

Bon Jovi – Keep the Faith

Look I love you all but because of a few changes in plan, I am on my own tonight and have no laptop so all of this was done on an iPhone. I will explain more about today`s walk tomorrow when I have my laptop back and I have wifi from my bed. Right now I am in the nicest house and bed I may have ever been too so I am taking advantage!!

Distance: 25.5 miles. Time: 8 hours, 21 mins. MPH – ?

Distance: 21.3 miles. Time: 7 hours, 27 minutes. MPH – ?

84.3 miles remaining. 5 days to Wembley.

On behalf of everyone at Vital Walsall and all the fans, keep going Graeme we are all proud of you! See you at Wembley with a foot spa!