Date: 7th March 2016 at 4:50pm
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Coventry City boss Tony Mowbray has said Walsall could regret sacking a football man who could have done so much for the club.

Speaking to Coventry Telegraph, Mowbray said that although O’Driscoll was a different mould to former boss Dean Smith he could have improved the side with his attention to detail…

Asked about the high-speed turnover, Mowbray`s expression spoke louder than words but he added: “Most managers have stopped gawping at the decisions people in football make.

“Sean O`Driscoll is a great football man and I thought it was a very clever appointment to be honest because they`ve got a really nice technical team at Walsall and Sean`s always coached technical teams, getting them to play and pass move.

“It seemed to be the right fit and yet, for whatever reason, their results have dipped. We`re searching for answers here – at Walsall it might be something entirely different, something going on behind the scenes, I don`t know, but sometimes it`s difficult to follow a guy who`s been at a football club for a long time.

“The previous manager was there for four or five years and I think the guys in suits who run clubs get used to the way somebody works – whether he`s intense or laid-back, really attack-minded or defensive, so if results don`t go the way they would like it`s not what they`re used to and they make changes.

“David Moyes proved he was a fantastic manager at Everton for 11 years but he followed Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United and everybody knew how he worked and what he did so David lasted less than a year.

“I found that at Celtic after four years of Gordon Strachan. You don`t quite do it the same way – you bring new players in, the training`s slightly different – and if results don`t quite measure up the people in charge think you must be wrong so they make changes.

“Sean`s probably fallen into that but here`s a team sitting fourth in the league changing their manager and people in my business would look and think ‘let`s see if they get what they deserve now.`

I wish people outside this club would just shut up and not comment on something they know nothing about. Let’s face facts, this club was poisoned by O’Driscoll and there was only one way we were going under his stewardship – backwards.

Good riddance I say.