Date: 16th March 2020 at 6:10pm
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Since football has officially been ‘postponed’ many fans have been asking about how the club will cope financially. Not only this, but we have also seen how brilliant our fans are, with several asking what they can do to help. So is there anything we can do? And the answer is, Yes!

The last few days, Leigh Pomlett and the club have been brilliant. They have kept fans well informed, and with two video messages from the Lord himself, fans have praised the content from the club. This is something that we would not have been given under previous ownership, and it makes me want to help out even more.

The club have given fans two ways to help them maintain a cash-flow during these difficult times. It is an opportunity for fans to help keep the club ticking over, and ultimately help Leigh Pomlett. Here are the Two ways:

Season Tickets – The biggest way to help the club in this period of uncertainty, is to purchase an early bird season ticket. This is what Leigh Pomlett has said is the best way for fans to help out. For anyone considering buying a season ticket, I urge you to do it if you can. If you are contemplating whether or not to do it? Then the answer is yes. The price is fair, and the offer may yet be extended. Today, the club announced that they had surpassed the 1000 ticket mark, and were ahead of sales at this point last year. LP also said he was very pleased that numbers were up, especially given the period we are currently living in. The early bird deal run until March 31st, so there is plenty of time to get tickets at a reduced rate, and with us beating last years sales already, we could give a push for that refund number.

Merchandise – Another way to help the club out, is to purchase some merchandise from the club shop, or via the online shop. This is another way that the club have said will massively help them out. If you haven’t already got a shirt, scarf, hat then now is the time to do it. There is currently a sale on which will make things a bit easier on the wallet too. If you do want to help out then take a look online at some of the cheaper products. As there is no way to donate, this is the closest way to do it, and at least you get something in return.

So these are the two ways to help out. My message? Do it for Leigh Pomlett! Do it for the staff! And do it for Walsall!