Date: 23rd July 2020 at 6:55pm
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Tonight is the night for the eagerly anticipated Q and A session with Darrell and James Clarke. It will no doubt be an interesting night, with fans able to pose questions. So what questions would I like to see answered.

The big one is squad building. It would be nice to know what areas of the squad DC feels needs strengthening, and where they are looking to recruit. This is one area that I cannot see us actually getting a definite answer to, as DC tends to keep the exacts close to his chest, but if he does tell us, then it will be interesting to know what positions we should expect to see filled. Although we know he wont be telling us any transfer targets, I am also hoping for a hint as to whether any of the loan players we had, could be making their way back to Walsall.

I want to know how both player and manager think the team can progress, and push for promotion, given that the team will be staying relatively similar to that of the 19/20 campaign. There is also the question of how this development will continue given the change of backroom staff. It would be quite interesting to see how DC, and JC feel about the change, of Marcus Stewart leaving, and Mat Sadler taking up the role.

Another point I would like to see addressed, is way that the squads will be balanced. We are expecting a younger team, especially with 5 subs able to come on. Are we expecting to see a season of blooding our youngsters? Or will the 5 subs only be used if needed. I am looking forward to hearing both player and managers opinions on the new subs change.

Finally, I want to know a bit about what the players have been doing to step up their training, as the new season starts to get closer (we think). Some League 2 clubs have resumed to training, so I think it would be good to find out when Walsall are going to be back, and also some news about pre-season friendlies, albeit behind closed doors.

I don’t really know what to expect from tonight. I am anticipating it to be a less informative night compared to the fans forums. I also am unsure what information I will be able to pass on, given that the club are seeing it as a paid event, and won’t be going on youtube. However I will do my best to pass on what info I can.


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