Date: 8th September 2018 at 8:53pm
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A young Saddlers fan was left unhappy before our game with Barnsley on Saturday after stewards confiscated his Walsall flag for not having a “fire certificate”.

The lads parents rightfully took to Twitter to show their anger over the decision.

EFL rules state

You may not bring into the Ground:
8.1 any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials save in respect of official
club merchandise and/or other football related clothing worn in good faith;
8.2 any flags or banners larger than those maximum dimensions permitted by the
Club from time to time (or, in the absence of such stipulations, 2 metres x 1
metre) and/or of an offensive nature;
8.3 nor may you offer (either free or for sale by any person) any goods (including
literature) of any nature

After a quick search on Google you can clearly see Barnsley flags inside Oakwell – would be interesting to see if these all have fire certificates to be displayed inside the ground?

However the young lad had the last laugh thanks to the generosity of a Saddlers player.

Late on Saturday night Saddlers right back Nicky Devlin got in contact with the parents and has offered to meet the young lad before Saturdays home game with Doncaster.

Nicky Devlin is a great ambassador for our club and a true role model for all professional footballers.

We have this evening sent an email to Barnsley Football Club to see what their stance is on the matter and will update with their reply if we receive one.


7 Replies to “Young Saddler Has Flag Confiscated At Barnsley Game – Saddlers Player Saves The Day”

  • Hey,

    A Barnsley fan in peace here, after reading your story, I was curious to know what our official policy was, on displaying flags at Oakwell. So, I looked it up, and it states clearly that you must have a fire certificate to display a flag at Oakwell. It is under the heading Further Information, which is in the ‘Visiting Supporters Guide’.

    It states: Any item above the area of 60cm X 100cm must be flame retardant and have a fire safety certificate to prove so, provided in advance of the fixture. This is a common practice whenever you take a flag to an away game.

    Also, on the Football Supporters Federation website, under the heading: ‘Can I bring banners into the ground?’ There is a list of every team, and if you click on Barnsley it reads:

    1. Both home and away fans can bring flags.

    2.Any banner or flag over 1m x 1.5m must be accompanied with a current fire certificate, not a photocopy. It can only be placed over empty seats or a void area, in conjunction with stewards. Poles are not allowed unless with prior arrangement. Some small hand held flags may be allowed.

    On your own official website, it says: Anyone looking to bring a flag or banner to a Walsall FC game should email for prior consent.

    When I take my flag to away games, they always ask to see the fire certificate. Basically, it is standard practice. It is not to do with the victimisation of Walsall fans by overzealous stewards, it is simply down to health and safety issues. When we played you lot in the second leg of the play-offs, the stewards would not allow us to display our flags, even though the section next to the away end was completely empty.

    Anyway, all the best for the rest of the season.

  • First time visit to Barnsley. Strange club that seems to be sponsored by Her Majesty’s Prison Service or similar. Walls of ground covered in broken glass shards, full body search of every away fan including airport style radar guns, ground stewards (loads of them) that spent the whole match (including half time) staring facing the away fans constantly. Add to that the little boy flag incident and a statement from our local journalists that they were “told off” in the press box for being too loud/animated for the first time in their careers as sports journalists and you have a club that seems to have a real problem with itself in the 21st Century.
    Hope the sell on Bradshaw fee doesn’t arrive in postal orders.
    Great professional performance by the super Saddlers. Well done all plus Delano for showing we have more than a Plan A.
    Big shout for the Cookie Monster. Showed what a difference he makes plus a well taken goal.

  • Just reading these comments, perhaps you dont realise the match was in danger of being postponed, due to an incident in Barnsley that morning, thus the added security and body searches, at that time it wasnt certain wether it was a terrorist threat, so you must realise that it was in the interest of safety. Please note i am not involved with barnsley fc other than being a supporter.

  • There are clear rules and laws that control use and display of flags in football grounds including fire regulations. If you don’t like that blame the law makers not a club trying to safeguard your safely.

  • Phew. We are safe from little boy’s flags that spontaneously combust in our faces.
    I would like to see the Stadium Health and Safety Report focusing on the broken glass shards that cover the walls of an arena open to the general public. A complete throwback to the 1940’s and amazing to see in 2018!

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