Date: 12th February 2018 at 12:24pm
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Two months ago we ran a poll on our Twitter account to see whether people would purchase an early bird season ticket and 63% of those that took part said they would not renew for next season.

Over the weekend we ran the same poll and an increased number of 75% said they will not renew when the early bird campaign starts this week.

Over 434 people voted on our poll over the weekend.

YES – 25%
NO – 75%

The club face an uphill task of trying to persuade a section of fans to renew for next season with many still sitting on the fence and undecided what to do.

There are question marks over the current plan at the club, question marks over the current management and also question marks over the ambition and future of owner Jeff Bonser.

With so many players out of contract this summer and with a lot of players currently on loan it does make you wonder what we can expect this summer and next season.

Will you be renewing your seat for next season?

What needs to change?