Date: 25th June 2021 at 8:45am
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Under the leadership or Jamie Fullarton and Matt Taylor, Walsall seem to be a club on the rise, and the fans feel it too. Until they were appointed, there was little to get fans excited about for the 21/22 season, now however, hope and positivity is back at Bescot, and so are the fans.

Initial uptake is positive

This week, fans were able to purchase their season tickets. Social media was a wash of people who had snapped up their seats ready for what is hoped to be a bigger and better season for the team.

On a poll via the Vital Walsall twitter page, of those who voted, 42% had renewed their season tickets, with a further 35% saying they hadn’t but were planning to.

With a total of 77% buying, or planning to buy tickets, the club can look at the additions and changed management for this.

Still work to do

There was still a portion of the fan base that will not be getting season tickets, and some remain on the fence.

9% of voters said they would not be purchasing, with a further 15% still undecided. The club still have a lot of work to do in changing the views of a fan base that has been let down year after year for so long. However judging by the numbers, they have done well to start getting trust back.

Fan reaction

Social media has been a positive place this week, especially with lots of fans sharing that they had indeed renewed. Some are renewing for the first time in a few seasons, with Leigh Pomlett’s transformation of the club this summer one of the reasons:

My first since the Keates season. Working Saturdays got in the way in the past and obviously the problems on and off the field didn’t make me want one. But Pomlett has turned it around and pulled me back in, can’t wait to get back.


Another fan is coming back after a long time away, with lock down playing it’s part:

My first one since 07/08 when I used to go with my dad when I was younger, the last years made me realise how much I’ve missed live football and it’s a good time to support the club 😁


There were a lot of fans that could not snap up a season ticket, with the price, and work commitments all playing their part. However no doubt these fans will be trying their best to back the team as and where they can, as Matt Taylor leads the club up the league.