Date: 9th March 2018 at 3:36pm
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Walsall boss Jon Whitney has today vowed to continue fighting in a job he is privileged to do.

He also commented on some low moments in his life in certain jobs – if you’re working in one of the industries mentioned by Whitney then I suggest you grab a stress ball!

Speaking to Express And Star, Whitney said

“I don`t like saying I`ve been through hard times because when you see what`s going on around the world and what some people have to do deal with, this is nothing in comparison to that,”

“But I`ve been in some real crappy jobs – grave digging, plastics recycling, packing shelves in Asda and Superdrug. Some real low moments.’

“Because I`ve got so much drive, I`ve got to where I am now through hard work and determination.’

“I understand I`ve come in for a lot of criticism but, I tell you what, I came into this expecting criticism.’

“I`m still here fighting & one thing I will say is that I`ll always fight. I`ll always try to prove people wrong and that`s exactly what I`ll keep doing.”

Whilst you cannot fault his sentiments in wanting to succeed in his current role you cannot hide behind the fact his word “crappy” and “low moments” for his past jobs will leave a sour taste in the mouths of many. Some hard working people will be in those roles in order for them to pay to watch the dross served up by the current management.

We find these comments somewhat disgusting and disrespectful.